The Estate Settlers has a 5-STAR rating on eBay.





We photograph your pieces in our studio and take special care in describing the item for the eBay customer.  We ascertain the correct price to sell for by researching past sales of the same or equal product. The Estate Settlers consult and establish with you the reserve before it is uploaded to the eBay site.  The client always has the last word in pricing.

How it works.

Once TES is paid, usually through Pay Pal, and when TES is sure the money has cleared and in our account the item is shipped within 48 hours.  It is packed extremely well by us, or on occasion, by UPS. The buyer has the right to return the product for 30 days.  If there is no return, TES pays you, minus the agreed upon fees.

We ship USPS or UPS.  The buyer pays for packing, shipping and insurance.