Liquidation Service

What are the responsibilities of The Estate Settler?

The more services we can offer to the executor, the easier the job becomes for that person. We offer a wide range of services.,

The following is just a partial list:

  • Helping in the choosing of an attorney. This is an extremely important step because they need extensive experience in the field, such as wills and estates.
  • Helping in the choice of an accountant. We can assist in the negotiations of fees with both the accountant and attorney.
  • Research and make a list of debts and money owed to all parties. This would include utilities, loans, charge cards, income taxes, leases, mortgages, alimony, etc. It even includes the funeral home, which generally needs to be paid first. The list is then given to the accountant and attorney for a priority payment list.
  • Locating life insurance policies and the filing of the claims.
  • Listing of assets such as stocks, bonds, cash, pension funds, annuities, holiday, and vacation pay due from companies, benefits for spouse, etc.
  • Listing of all partnerships or companies that there may be an interest in. Working closely with the attorney and accountant to make sure that everything is handled in a timely manner.
  • We will assist in opening a checking account for the estate for payment of debts and distribution of assets after the estate has been to probate.
  • Preparing property for sale, removing personal items, cleaning, painting, minor repairs, etc.
  • Often the sale of assets, such as a house, may be necessary. The Estate Settlers can be extremely helpful in this area.
  • Distribution of assets to beneficiaries. Being sure that hard assets, such as jewelry, antiques, silver, art, personal items etc are handled in accordance with the will or decedent’s wishes and/or sold for the benefit of the estate.
  • The estate can now be settled with the paying of all the debts and distribution of remaining monies to the beneficiaries.