Testimonial 6

Tina Segal came to me when I was selling my house and I needed to make decisions on what sell or keep or just give it away. I couldn’t find a better person to help me do this. She is a person of many talents and Best of all I have her as a friend.

Florence K.

Stuff got here today.

All Good.

Thanks so much for all your help.

You guys were great.

Testimonial 5

Dear Tina,

I want to thank for assisting us in the liquidation of the Baxter estate. The pod contents has been a monkey on my back since May, when my husband was appointed Personal Representative and myself as his Administrative Assistance.
I have found that over the years, that locating the qualified professional to accomplish a task is 95% of the battle. You are that person plus! You added heart and compassion to the mix, you are part of my “Winning Team”.

You are a special person! I look forward to working with you again!

Please tell your husband, he doesn’t need a Bentley, HE HAS YOU!!!

Thank you Special Lady.

Testimonial 4

Dear Tina,

Tina, I feel that you and Allan have been invaluable assets in assisting my mother and me in what has been a very difficult transition. My mother was not safe in her apartment and needed to be moved into assisted living. While she was in rehab for several months and I was in California it was necessary for me to arrange to begin this transition from a distance and it was only through your exceptional services and communication that I was able to do this. Our contact and your wonderful references led me to entrust you with the considerable task of moving my mother’s possessions so that she might come into her new home with a sense of familiarity and comfort. Without you both, none of this could have happened, and I cannot think of anyone with whom I would have felt as fortunate to work or whom I trust more.

Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the wonderful work you have done to make possible the transition for my mother.

Testimonial 3

Hi Tina,

This note is long overdue. How are you? We miss you. I hope all is well down south. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost 2 months since my mom moved to Connecticut. As they say, “time flies when you’re having fun” and I want you to know that she is really starting to have fun now. She’s making friends, participating in activities, and some weeks barely has time for me.

And of course, the main reason we’re at this point so quickly is because of your expert help, and above all, the connection you made with my mom and our family. From the moment you first walked through her door I knew you were the right person to lead us through this daunting process. You took all the worry out of the long distance move for us. Nothing was ever too difficult or complicated for you. You knew all the right people to get the job done an accepted every challenge with a smile. We always had total confidence in you and your plan. And, you could not have been fairer with your fees. Yes, you were our professional advisor and moving facilitator, but over the months you became such a trusted friend.

It is definitely our hope that this friendship will continue. Please let us know when you find yourself in Connecticut or the New York area. We would love to see you. Perhaps you might even find a way to come to West Hartford to see my mom’s apartment, which you can also list as another one of your accomplishments.
It goes without saying that we would be delighted to be called upon to give you a reference. Feel free to give out my email or home phone number. Also, if we hear of anyone on your area who is in need of your services, we will certainly pass on your name and contact info. Tina, what more can I say than you are the best.
Thank you again so much!

As a realtor who works with many elderly clients who trust me, I need to know that anyone I refer them to, must be honest, caring and compassionate. lt is hard to find, but I found it when I found Tina Segal of The Estate Settlers. I know that Tina will take great care of my clients and always do what is in the client’s best interest. Not only does she have the utmost integrity, but she is always available when needed and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her.

The boxes are empty, the dust is settling and I finally have a moment to thank you. You were integral to making this move painless and successful. Moving cross-country is never easy but from my knick- knacks to my high-end artwork, from junk I wanted to get rid of, to precious items I needed packed and moved, you provided the right service at the right time. I never had to explain or ask twice. You created a timeline and stuck to it.

Big thanks from me and my husband for your professionalism. I would recommend your service to anyone. lt’s not about what it costs (which was a bargain) it’s about peace of mind and not sweating the big or small stuff.